Digital Disruption reflection

I was recently at the AICD conference and participated in a forum titled "Digital Disruption". The speakers were of a high calibre and well known in the ICT/Digital space, however the forum didn't quite work.

The session was designed to be interactive and conversational but it became clear to me very quickly after the opening remarks that the people in the audience didn't know what questions to ask the panel. This particular forum was one of the first tracks to fill at the conference, so one could safely assume everyone there was interested in the subject and ready to be engaged, so why wasn't the conversation flowing?

My view is that the audience simply didn't know what questions to ask. These are people whose staff and the media are telling them that they need to be anticipating and planning for the impacts of digital disruption on the organisation. The reality is that the consumer experience is being radically and rapidly altered by the uptake of new technologies and some businesses may not survive if they don’t adapt at an equally fast pace.So here are 5 questions for a company director or board member to ask of your C-level advisors and the leaders of your digital initiatives:

1. What new opportunities are we seeing for our business from digital disruption, and what threats to our existing business do you see?

2. Do we have a digital strategy? How is it aligned to the business plan and our core objectives?

3. Are we using social media? How do we measure the result to be sure we are getting value from the effort?

4. What digital initiatives do we have underway to better engage with our customers, stakeholders, shareholders and staff?

5. Do we have the right people on board to take advantage of the new digital opportunities in our business?The above questions should give you a very good idea of where your business is placed from a digital perspective and whether or not you, as a director or board member, may need to get some assistance to further develop the digital strategy for your business.

Author: Craig Broadbent